DFS A Global Network
You can Trust.

Our shared service delivers a powerful, proven platform that’s perfect
for hosting your E-mail and websites.

Our Global Data Center Locations

DFS chooses data centers throughout the world to ensure that no matter where your clients are, you can select a server that will deliver content at blazing fast speeds.

Low-risk zones for natural

Server data centers optimally
spaced throughout the world

Consistently adding new top tier data center locations to better serve clients


We know that when you setup a server with us, you need it to be online 24×7, no matter what. That’s why every one of our data centers features redundancy across all power, networking, security, and cooling systems.


Every DFS server is connected to dual power supplies fed by independent power sources. In the unlikely event of power loss, 1 MW generators and dual 225 KVA UPS batteries instantly kick in to keep servers online at all times.

  • 100% redundant with backup generators and UPS batteries
  • Regularly tested to guarantee proper operation in the event of power failure

Our Network

Each global data center is selected only if it has the best premium network providers available that connect servers to multiple uptime providers. This allows us to deliver a 100% network uptime SLA.

  • Multiple 10Gbps connection feeds
  • Tier-1 Network Providers
  • Connections to large Internet Exchanges and Cloud Services Providers

Our Security

Your servers are not only protected from environmental threats like fire, but also stored in secure facilities designed to prevent theft and physical intrusion.

  • 24×7 security personnel on-site
  • Individually locked cages
  • Biometric scanners and CCTV feeds
  • Secure server storage


Servers perform at their best when they are kept in precisely climate controlled environments. Our data centers utilize the most sophisticated cooling and humidity controls to keep servers online.

  • Redundant cooling systems
  • Designed to reduce carbon emissions through regenerative cooling (where available)


Level 1 PCI Service Provider

Juniper Core Routers

Microsoft Certified Partner

SSAE16 Type II & SAS70 Type II

Safe Harbor Certified

Dual 10 Gbit Uplinks

Fully redundant network

CDSA Certified

Over 200 Gbps of Connectivity

High performance server from Alfahosting:

Virtually oras your own hardware

Our range extends from small virtual servers to the premier class, the dedicated servers with their own hardware. Simply choose whether you prefer to work with Linux or Windows.

Reliable brand hardware

Highest availability

Branded hardware, such as from Dell, as well as the latest Intel processors transform our servers into power packs that are bursting with performance!

Backups and snapshots

We create daily backups for our Servers and keep them for 10 days. You can also create an image (snapshot) of your server and import it if necessary.


Thanks to redundant hardware and power supply as well as network balancers, our systems are outstandingly protected against failures.

AlfaNet VLAN server network

With AlfaNet VLAN you have your own network in which at least two of your servers are connected. How to build a powerful cluster.

Any questions?Our friendly staff will be happy to help you and are always there for you! You can reach us by phone on   or by email at .

Data center and server locations

Everything safe, everything in Abroad

Your servers are safe with us like gold in a bank vault. Here is a brief overview of what we do for you in terms of security, data protection and support:

Server location Abroad

All of our servers are located in Abroad without exception. There we store your data in strict compliance with the legal data protection and security regulations.


Highly secure data center

Our data center has multi-level security concepts. There are digital locking and access controls, dome cameras, intrusion detection systems. And thanks to the latest fire protection concepts, fire development is simply impossible.


Fast connection

We rely on the latest colocation. In this way, we guarantee maximum speed, redundancy and availability even with constantly growing data volumes.

24/7 support with service guarantee

Whether maintenance, configuration or the replacement of the hardware on site: We respond immediately to your request. You can reach us around the clock, 365 days a year – via email, phone or ticket system. We are always happy to help you! True to our slogan “… real service”!

Quick Visit Of Our Data Centers


Where are your data centers located?

We have data server centers located throughout the world. While the majority of our data centers are located in Malawi, we have facilities in UK, USA, Canada, India, Australia and Singapore as well. We are also always adding new locations to expand our services that are available to your business.

How should I choose a data center?

if your business or server visitors will be located in a particular part of the world, we recommend choosing a server that is geographically located as close to that location as possible. Your servers data center location will play an important role in networking latency and performance. Each of our data centers feature internet connections with excellent global connectivity, but you will experience lower ping times if your servers are physically closer to your users. This is especially important for latency-sensitive applications such as game servers.

Are your data centers staffed 24×7?

We have security and technical staff available in each of our data centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there is ever a server issue, each data center has expert staff on-site to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible and your business can get back online.

Do you ever add new data center locations?

We are continually consulting with our clients and introducing new data center locations which add value to our users. Looking to launch a new server project in a location that we do not service? Contact us and let us know your needs and we will evaluate if we can offer you servers in that location. We may already be evaluating server options in that location and could accommodate your needs. We are always looking to add new business services and server data center locations which help support and empower our clients.

What kind of companies choose ServerMania for their server hosting?

Companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries trust ServerMania with their hosting needs. We have the experience, infrastructure, and commitment needed to store even the most sensitive information securely. With our wide range of custom solutions, we can cater to both small and large businesses alike.